or centuries several authentic mountain villages has been woven into Bjelasnica Platoue where, until the early 90s, lived about 2,500 inhabitants mostly farmers and shepherds. In the prehistoric age, this area was populated by Romans, who upon the arrival of Slav tribes in Bosnia has been gradually assimilated by newcomers as well as pushed from lower more fertile fields into the mountain heights. Long it has been believed that the area of Bjelasnica villages has been stronghold of Bogomil faith, or area where Bogumil teaching retained the longest. Because of its superior elevation, Bjelasnica is natural border between continental
and Mediterranean climate, but also a place
of daily clashes between warm and cold
air currents which brings abundant
rainfall and above-average low temperature throughout the year. This represents special natural advantage in terms of winter sports development. At Bjelasnica highest peak (2067 meters) average temperature year around is only 0.7 º, whereby highest temperature in summer time is only about 24 º, and the lowest winter minus 41 º Celsius. Bjelasnica has 10,000m of well treated ski-trails, which surely belongs to the steepest and most challenging in the region: Starting ski positions are at 2000 and finishing at 1200 meters above sea leven.

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